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Drone FX is ambient music software that allows you to create relaxing ambient, meditative music and unique soundscapes with ease.

Drone FX has two modes of operation:

- Auto (Generative music in all it's glory)
- Manual (For the musician in you)

Users can play along with soundscapes generated in auto mode, or create ambient music without automation using the built-in keyboard(s).

Drone FX is also great as production music for use as sound beds for film.

If you're into relaxing chill out music check out Drone FX.


Here are some examples of what kind of soundscapes you can achieve with Drone FX:





Docs & Stuff

- Click here for all the details on using Drone FX.


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Quick Start

- Click the "play" button to start get things rolling. NOTE: When first starting Drone FX, it'll take a number of seconds before you hear anything... as there is a "warm up" period to provide ample spacing between events.

- Adjust the sliders to achieve the "feel" your looking for.

- At the bottom of each "channel" you can toggle the built-in keyboard, select a new sound, or save/load channel settings.

- At the top, center, is the chord progression and timeline. The blue light moves along the timeline indicating beats. Click a chord label to open the chord editor, which allows you to select chords and number of times each chord will loop within the timeline.

- Top, left shows the current key, scale and BPM (beats per minute. tapping one of these items bring up the selector, allowing you to flip through a variety of options.









Ambient Generative Soundscape Music

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